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Lynn Miller, Ph. D., R. Psych., is an Assistant Professor in the Education and Counseling Psychology and Special Education department at UBC. She has several grants, including a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grant, examining the effects of an empirically supported approach to child anxiety in the public school system.  She has a private practice working with children who have anxiety disorders and their families. She is the lead trainer for the FRIENDS program, an evidence-based curriculum targeting anxiety available to all grade 4-5 students in BC. She was President of the Anxiety Disorders Assocociation of BC during its initial two years, 2000-2002, and has developed a province-wide training of trainers model of consumer-led evidence-based support groups for adult panic sufferers.  She has conducted research on an adolescent model of school implementation of FRIENDS, as well as an enhanced version of the FRIENDS program for Aboriginal children. As the Myrne Nevison Prevention Research Professor, she is currently investigating anxiety at the entry to school in grades kindergarten and one. She is Director of the Counseling Psychology PhD program (APA and CPA accredited) at UBC.


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